Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Wednesday 16th December

After the unfortunate doctor's visit in the early hours of the morning, our schedule was put back a little to allow the two concerned to sleep in and recover.
Today was the visit to the Ghibli Museum, out in the suburban city of Mitaka. Mitaka is hardly in the suburbs as it is really just an extension of the greater Tokyo metropolis. We were lucky enough to catch one train from the youth hostel station, then travel for 40 minutes, before continuing to station for the  museum, by transferring to the other side of the platform at Nakano. 
There were seats for everyone after the train had passed through Shinjuku, which made the journey quite restful.
We waited for about 20 minutes for the decorated yellow bus to take us, and several other passengers, to the museum, which was located in a large park in Mitaka city.
The Ghibli museum displays various works and articles associated with animation films and characters. It was an eclectic series of displays, in an odd-shaped building. 
Here are some photos from the visit:

We returned to Mitaka for lunch then decided to visit the Asakura House in Daikanyama, one of the wealthier suburbs in central Tokyo.
Although we made good time by using an express train with only two stops, and a quick change at Yoyogi,we arrived 9 minutes after closing time. Even though there were still people in the grounds, we were not allowed to enter the grounds for a quick look at the exterior, so we had to be satisfied with a restricted view from the gate.
We did have enough time to walk up the central street, where there are a number of ambasadors' residencies and embassies, and gaze through the windows of very expensive-looking shops and trendy cafes. We could also spot several high-end luxury sports cars parked along the side of the road. All the people were immaculately dressed and oozed chic refinement.  

The pedestrian cross-bridge at the end of the street could do with a cleaning up though, we thought.

Looking down the street to the poorer part of Daikanyama.

Following dinner, it was agreed by all that everyone was very tired and an early night was definitely needed. 
Tomorrow, we will be guided by Kaoruko Hosomi, a 2015 Cashmere international student who lives in the area.
Kaoruko will take us to the Sky Tree and to Asakusa.We are hoping that the forecast for mid-morning rain and cloud will be wrong, and that we can have a fine view from the observation deck of the tower, during the hour we have been assigned to be there.