Thursday, 10 December 2015

Thursday continued

One of the classes today was calligraphy, and the group got to practice writing favourite words, then transferring them to small, flat dishes, and adding colour. The teachers were the Minami Yr2 caligraphy option class,and their efforts were spectacular. The group got to keep their dishes to take home.
One other thing today was preparation for "field work", where selected Japanese students will guide individual Cashmere students around the historic district and tell them about the various buildings, shops and galleries.
The Cashmere students proved a big hit with the Minami students and had to pose for lots of photos with their new "friends".

Concentration in the calligraphy class.

The finished products.

Preparation for tomorrow's field work.

Daniel and Alessia with their form class friends at the end of the day. Note the time on the clock!
It was a very long but enjoyable day.