Friday, 11 December 2015

Friday 11th December

Today was another busy day. We all met at Kurashiki Minami at 8:30 and were taken to the Mitsubishi Motor Corporation car plant. We saw a brief video of the assembly process then went on a quick tour of the assembly plant. The plant is 95% automated with many different types of robotic devices employed in the manufacturing process. We were not allowed to take any photos.
After that we went to a factory that manufactured the material edging that is on the edges of the tatami mats. We tried our hand at edging small, rectangles of tatami. It needed concentration and a steady hand but everyone managed to produce something.
We then went to lunch at the "World Buffet" where we could enjoy a bountiful buffet of a variety of food plus a dessert range, including a chocolate fountain. It goes without saying that the group did not hold back on this one.
After lunch the group were put with 4 students from Kura Mina who had put their names into a lottery for the pleasure of guiding CHS students round the historic quarter of Kurashiki.
Here are some photos of the groups:

Then we returned to the school and went home for the weekend. Most were picked up but Bryn had the experience of riding home on a "mama-charrei" or mum's bike.

At least he didn't get the pink one.