Sunday, 6 December 2015

Saturday 5th December

Moving day. After 6 days in the Nagai Youth Hostel, we moved out. After breakfast, we walked to Tsurugaoka station for the last time. From Tennoji we went to Shin-Osaka station, bought "eki-ben" to eat on the train, then caught the shinkansen to Hiroshima, a 1.5 hour journey. From the station, we rode the streetcar ( not named Desire) to the youth hostel. We were lucky enough to be able to check in when we arrived, get settled, and had dinner in a now-familiar family resturant named "Gusto".
We planned an early night so that we can have a good look around the Peace Park, A-bomb dome and museum tomorrow.

This is Shin-Osaka station. Even on Sunday, it was still quite busy.

The Hiroshima tram system is modern and effecient. Such a shame the powers that be in Christchurch could not see the benefits of light-rail. 
Riding the tram to the youth hostel.