Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Tuesday 8th December

Today's destination was the island of Miyajima, about 40 minutes by train from Hiroshima. We took the streetcar (tram) to Hiroshima Station, which is the hub for buses, trams, taxis, trains and bullet trains. All connect through here. The island is accessible by ferry, which takes about 15 minutes. It is famous for its shrines and the torii gate standing in the sea. The most famous shrine is Itsukushima jinja, which jutts out into the sea. It is a national icon and world heritage site. We took the ropeway to the highest spot on the island and had a magnificent view of the "Inland Sea".
Here are a few photos of our long day.

Hiroshima trams are efficient and regular. They range from restored veterans to modern cars. Christchurch could take a lesson from this easy-to-use public transport.

The central shrine area.

The torii gate at low tide

The view of the Inland Sea from the top of the highest peak.

Some of the tour are keen to try all kinds of Japanese food. Good one, Riley!

"Gusto" family restaurant is becoming a familiar friend to many as the food is recognisable, good and
with little waiting time. The group must have increased the company's profits considerably since being here.

Being wired and connected is still a habit many can't break, as fee wi-fi is available throughout the main centres, unlike two years ago. It seems some of the group would rather watch their screens rather than look at the real world around them.