Saturday, 16 December 2017


The group went to Asakusa Temple this morning. We met Mr and Mrs Hyuga, who fund the Rika Scholarship for Chch students to study for a short time at a Tokyo school. The group's guides were Kaoruko who was at Cashmere in 2015 and Saskia who finished Cashmere in 2016, and is now studying at Tokyo University. From Asakusa, the group went to Ikebukuro  and Sunshine 60 for lunch. After lunch the group had free time with some Pokemon enthusiasts visiting the Pokemon Centre and generously contributing to the Japanese economy. Tonight's plan is to have dinner early somewhere near the Youth hostel, explore the local streets and shops and generally get an early night.
Today the group experienced quite large Tokyo crowds and some are beginning to realise the logistics of moving 23 people around this huge metropolis. Christchurch is beginning to feel very small to some of them.