Monday, 18 December 2017


Kaoruko met us at Iidabashi station this morning and then the group went to Shibuya to visit the famous(small) Hachiko statue. It is well-used as a meeting place. "I will meet you at Hachiko". And that is where the group met Sasakia and Mr and Mrs Hyuga, among the crowds. Then the group experienced the Shibuya crossing though the crowd was not too big at 11:15. There was time for shopping for those who wanted. A small section took off with Mr Jones on an intellectual expedition to the Natural History Museum at Ueno and the others followed Mr and Mrs Hyuga  to the teen capital of Japan, Harajuku. Takeshita  Dori(street) was again crowded, but that is the best way to experience this iconic street. Those who were so inclined managed to snap up some bargains for their wardrobes or souvenir collections. The group returned early and then walked to the top of Kagurazaka for the last dinner together at a chain restaurant. At 8:00pm we gathered together for Mr Jones's trivia quiz and shared highlights as well as one thing they had learned. Bedtime was relatively early so as to recharge the batteries for Disneyland.