Saturday, 30 November 2013

All safe and tucked in for the night

We are now safe and tucked in at the Shin-Osak Youth Hostel at the end of a long day. Everyone has been very good keeping together and being on time. We made the connection to Itami Airport with 15 minutes to spare, thanks to amazing service from the ANA ground staff at Narita. They opened a special check-in for us and dealt smoothly with a couple of problems with luggage labels. The internal flight by Boeing 777-300 took just over one hour and we were all blown away by the room in the economy section, and the gadgets, in what was a spacious seating configuration that made Air New Zealand look decidely second rate. The group was also impressed by the efficient service of the Narita Airport immigration and customs officials. They are now really in Japan, and ate very excited about it all. A good night's sleep is on the cards.